Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lottery: new documentary on educational choice

This is an important film. Therefore, it should have been produced by the government and you should have been forced to watch it in the government-run theater in your neighborhood.

From Joel Belz's review in World of The Lottery...

Documentaries, by definition, are meant to be a little detached, clinical—and maybe even soulless.
The Lottery is none of those. Some audiences are reported to be leaving the theaters in tears.

The specific subject matter of The Lottery is the battle being waged in the Harlem area of New York City for an increased role for charter schools...But teachers unions and other entrenched interests are fighting that increase tooth and toenail...the demand from eager parents far exceeds the slots that will be available...

Like Jesus (in Matthew 18:6), she's angry at people who hypocritically insist on standing between children and the truth....

America has a lot to learn about giving parents a just choice in the education of their children. The Lottery eloquently trumpets the cause of freedom in our classrooms.

Has anyone seen this yet?


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