Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Page One practices corporate censorship

Oh well...

First, it was Barefoot and Progressive. They had some interesting things to say-- amidst the "progressivity", heavy doses of fundamentalism, and some funny/sad flailing. But they liked their ad hominems and other forms of shouting. So, being censored by them was hypocritical, but not surprising.

This morning, I made two quick, easy comments at Page One (here and here):

1.) "A lot of people think throwing more money at K-12 education will work too."

in response to his "Throwing Cash At Eastern Kentucky Won’t Fix It"


2.) "Were Bush, Obama, and the Democratic Congresses intentionally sabotaging the economy the last three years?"

in response to his "What? Republicans are intentionally sabotaging the economy for 2012?"

Before his second comment (reiterating that I'm "done" on his blog; I guess he wasn't kidding!), I had already posted this in reply/explanation to him saying I don't have a clue about poverty [!] and labeling me a "teabagger".

Right, generally speaking, throwing money at each problem is not going to work.

I'm not sure I qualify as a teabagger; I'm a Libertarian. As a labor economist with a book on poverty and public policy, I'd estimate that I have half of a clue.

He deleted that comment-- out of anger or in trying to limit potential embarrassment.

My email dealings with Jake have been limited but friendly enough. He has a policy not to allow links in his comments without prior permission. I forgot about that a few times (since that is so rare) and so, I would ask about that and get permission.

I think Jake has, by far, the most informative blog in Kentucky on matters political. So, it's a shame to see him engage in this sort of thing. Unlike B&P, he doesn't take things (as) personally and is (more) professional and objective.

But apparently, this morning, someone crapped in his corn flakes or I stepped on a nerve with what should have been an innocuous comment.

As I move on to other uses of my time, I wish him well-- and hope that he will experience the grace and peace of Christ.

UPDATE: Page One responded with silliness, defensiveness, and ad hominems. "Multiple" apparently means once-- and then one more time, after I made the comment that was deleted. They delete a comment and then talk about leaving my comment up. And of course, they have the right to delete what they want. But they're making money and practicing censorship, so what else do you call it: objective, professional, liberal?

Too bad, but life goes on...


At November 24, 2010 at 2:43 PM , Blogger BDowdy said...

Man, that guy at Page One certainly seems to have lost his "grounding". It calls into question what sort of folks care to read a blog that responds to fairly innocuous comments like your's in this fashion.

The vitriol in his responses seems completely undeserved. His use (although it looks realtively prolific with his crowd) of the "teabaager" pejorative is very much unwarranted.

Oh well, as Lumpy once said "scrape em off Claire...they are only holding you back!"

At November 24, 2010 at 3:45 PM , Blogger Eric Schansberg said...

Thanks B!

My guess is that he was having a bad morning; took it out on me; and didn't have the humility to recover graciously or gracefully.

The funny thing is that he often combined the pejoratives (typically a sign of weakness or subjectivity) with relatively objective analysis and effective reporting.

At November 25, 2010 at 7:52 PM , Blogger Jenna said...

maybe he just hasn't gotten over the election yet.

It is too bad some people have to be so nasty that you can't even have a civil dialogue

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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