Thursday, December 16, 2010

baby Jesus vs. miracle Jesus vs. Easter Jesus vs. Good Friday Jesus

From Kyle's sermon last week...

A discussion of baby Jesus as non-threatening, along with "miracle Jesus". Kyle didn't show this famous clip, but discussed it.

I'd throw "Easter Jesus" and "Good Friday Jesus" in there as well. The former is tough for non-believers to embrace; the latter is often tough for believers.

Kyle went on to talk about the Romans rejecting him because they didn't like his people. (This is similar to those, today, who reject Jesus because of Christians-- and not just as a smoke screen.) And the Jews rejected him, in part, because he wouldn't solve their short-term problems the way they thought that he should. "Jesus didn't come to save us from 'the Romans', but to save us from our sin and Hell".

We are awful sinners; knowing this, we can worship an awesome savior-- at Christmas and always.


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