Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NCAA football on Saturday or not: Louisville, the MAC, the Big Ten, etc.

From Darren Everson in the WSJ...

Here's the details on NCAA football played on Saturday vs. weekdays...

The toughest team in America to keep track of is Louisville. Since 2000, the Cardinals have played 42 non-Saturday games (excluding bowls)—the most in the nation, and nearly one-third of their regular-season total. Toledo is second (34), followed by Boise State (33)...

Naturally, the schools that aren't starving for attention virtually never move from Saturday. The Big Ten has played by far the fewest non-Saturday games of any conference (30) since 2000, while the Mid-American Conference has played the most (282). Six schools have played exclusively on Saturdays since 2000: Notre Dame, Iowa, Michigan State, Florida, Georgia and Duke.


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