Tuesday, February 15, 2011

recent news in the War on Drugs

Here's a Cato Institute podcast from John McWhorter on the War's impact on African-Americans and race relations. I read the related (excerpted) article but have not heard the podcast.

Here's the AP story from Katherine Corcoran on the death of missionary Nancy Davis, a victim of the War on Drugs in late January...

Here's the AP article from Steve Szkotak on Pat Robertson's support for thinking about the costs of our laws against pot. He's an unlikely supporter, huh?

Here's the AP article from Deanna Martin on Sen. Karen Tallian's bill to form a study committee for legalizing marijuana in Indiana. To the credit of the GOP in general and committee chair Sen. Brent Steele in particular, they were willing to hear this in committee-- and today, passed the proposal in committee! (I was up there today to testify on behalf of the bill.)


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