Friday, June 10, 2011

Brad Snyder's "interests": school district vs. children, parents and taxpayers

Charter school advocates are crying foul over the New Albany-Floyd County school system’s effort to get around a July 1 mandate to make its vacant school buildings available for their use.

The Floyd school board passed a resolution at its meeting Monday to lease the shuttered Galena and Silver Street elementary schools to its building corporation...wouldn’t have to be made available to charters under a state law passed in April...

Floyd Deputy Superintendent Brad Snyder defended the resolution, which he introduced Monday. “We have our interests to look after...”

Unfortunately, those interests do not coincide with the interests of children, parents, and taxpayers. Brutal...

And then another quote: “We hope that by taking this positive action on behalf of our community, we can remain engaged in protecting the community history and interests of Galena Elementary School."

Snyder is confusing "community" with his "interests" (and those of the school district) and I'm not sure how he's defending the interest of a closed school. 


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