Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wickham's Folly: revolution without revolutionary change

The NAACP is being attacked by parents of New York City schoolchildren who are angered by the civil rights group's support for a lawsuit that seeks to keep 20 charter schools out of buildings that already are occupied by traditional public schools.

The suit also attempts to block the closing of some of the city's underperforming public schools, the kind of schools that make many parents clamor for a way out. In the 20 years since Minnesota enacted the first law allowing charter schools, this hybrid approach to public education has become an increasingly popular escape hatch, especially for black students.

While blacks are 30 percent of the New York City's 1 million public school children, they are 60 percent of the youngsters enrolled in the Big Apple's 125 charter schools. So black parents of charter school students in the city think the NAACP's support of the lawsuit, which was filed last month by the United Federation of Teachers, amounts to an act of racial treason.

But it's not. It is an act of revolution...

Dude needs to change his name to Orwell...Promoting the status quo-- government-run entities with tremendous monopoly power = Revolution?  DeWayne, put down the crack pipe and back up slowly.

He recovers a bit by making this distinction:

While revolts bring about reforms...revolution is needed to wipe out a system of oppression...[with charter schools] what they get is steam control — a way to vent their anger, not fix the problem...

But then this: 

The NAACP doesn't want an escape hatch for 4 percent of New York City's schoolchildren; it wants a high-quality education for all of them...What the NAACP wants is a revolutionary change, not the incrementalism — and misdirections — [of charter schools]. 

First sentence = nice assertion. Second sentence = Wickham hitting the crack pipe again. 


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