Tuesday, September 20, 2011

McGovern critiques Obama

McGovern counsels/schools Obama in the most recent issue of Harpers:

His recommendations:
-Bring home troops from Afghanistan.
-Close all military bases in the Arab world.
-Re-evaluate troop presence in (and probably withdraw from) Europe, Korea, etc.
-Cut excess from Pentagon budget.

--> All of those sound great. If only Obama would embrace "change"...
--> Ok, the last two aren't so sharp: 

-Eliminate Bush tax cuts on the wealthy. (As I noted earlier, it'd be a lot better just to get rid of the income tax deductions that strongly disproportionately benefit the wealthy.)

-"Launch valuable public investments". (Apparently, George has not been paying close attention to current events. With recent efforts, his phrase is an obvious oxymoron.) He also points to a revival of the G.I. Bill, but only for college students. I wish George would get on board with a G.I. Bill for kids.


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