Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"a warm but not boisterous reception" for Obama and his latest "stimulus"....err, "jobs pitch"

President Barack Obama brought his jobs pitch to Colorado Tuesday, getting a warm but not boisterous reception in the city where he signed into law the sweeping stimulus plan more than two years ago.

At least the reception wasn't boisterous, but I'm surprised it was even warm. Maybe they just feel sorry for him and don't want to hold bad policy against him. And I love that adjective "sweeping" here.

Obama won cheers when he argued the money in the new measure would save teachers' jobs and put others back to work.
Why do Obama and those cheering focus only on the benefits of government activism? Is it cynicism or ignorance from Obama? Is it ignorance or idolatry for those in the crowd?

The president went on, "They need action. They need it now."

President, the economy would be a lot better off with less of this sort of action-- and continuing to bang the economy's head on the same wall over and over again.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper attended the speech and said beforehand that the president has work to do here because of the lagging economy. "He didn't cause (the recession), but he's getting blamed for it," Hickenlooper said.

Governor, the President and his Congress have indeed caused the length of this recession. Own it, bro! And I'll bet Hickenlooper will be an interloper when it comes time to try to take credit for an eventual recovery.


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