Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Curtis Morrison ode to OWS and the Tea Party

Currently, there are more than 1,500 uprisings taking place on our planet, all born from Occupy Wall Street, which began Sept. 17. Occupy Louisville, in Jefferson Square Park, is just one of those uprisings, but like all the others, people at home are struggling to understand its purpose. The uprisings, by their nature, are unprecedented. These are philosophical protests of how our democratic republic’s been working. Or actually, not working. 

We/they don't understand "its purpose" because it's not well-defined and varies quite a bit by individual. In this way, it's like the dog's breakfast of Tea Partiers. And oh, it's quite precedented...

One really bad idea, unregulated capitalism, just hasn’t worked out for us.

One really bad myth gets repeated a lot. Unregulated capitalism? Crack is a bad idea too. I'd recommend throwing your pipe as far away as possible. This is as ridiculous as those who say a socialistic economy has been bad for us.

It’s been called a leaderless movement. And that’s true, although there are times I’ve wished Elizabeth Warren would just show up and take over.

Leaderless has its advantages. But they have had a handful of leader types show up, at least for face time. As for Ms. Warren, I'm not sure what she brings to the table, aside from some political charisma.

To many, this movement is an out-of-wedlock, unplanned pregnancy, and their alarm and concern are no surprise. Instead of browbeating this poor child, couldn’t we instead choose to nourish it, encourage it and provide it opportunities to create us a better world? Just a thought.

I wonder if he penned the same ode for the Tea Party. Just a thought.


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