Thursday, December 1, 2011

research on the impact of school choices on Christian children

The Cardus report on the impact of Christian education choices-- or more precisely, the impact of the type of education chosen for children self-identifying Christians...

There are many interesting and some surprising results: 
-Conservative Protestant schooling is more likely to result in church leadership and feel well-prepared for relationships, but least likely to like new and exciting experiences. 
-Religious homeschoolers are most likely to feel prepared for a vibrant religious/spiritual life, but also to get divorced and to lack direction. (Sobering if true!)
-Those educated in Catholic schools earn the highest incomes, are most likely to make political contributions, and least likely to accept the authority of church leadership.
-Public schoolers are most likely to volunteer their time but least prepared for relationships. 
And so on...Check it out.

This blog post seems to do a nice job in surveying some of the other relevant literature and wrestling with the validity of the Cardus report. The most interesting comments are about religious homeschoolers and trying to figure out whether the report is accurate with respect to homeschoolers.


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