Thursday, December 1, 2011

three articles on education

1.) the growth of homeschooling in the African-American community (Tiffany Owens in World)

2.) the growth of school choice programs across the nation (Sheryl Blunt in CT)

3.) new-and-improved research on educational levels and religious practice (Tim Dalrymple in World)

First, by many measures the more educated are more religiously observant. They are more likely to engage in worship and devotional activities, and to affirm the importance of religion in public life...The more educated, although they are no less likely to believe in God and the afterlife, are less likely to believe that the Bible is the literal Word of God, or that there is only one true religion. This suggests that the educational establishment is averse not to religiousness in general, but to particular forms of faith. Thus, as people grow more educated, they are more likely to switch to mainline denominations...Finally, different religious groups are affected by education differently. Evangelicals, for example, are especially likely to grow more devout and more observant with more education.


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