Monday, May 21, 2012

nepotism with felonies isn't as bad as a lame joke for which one apologizes

LEO follows in the footsteps of the C-J (LOL!) with twisted preferences on Rand Paul's bad attempt at a joke (for which he has apologized) vs. Barbara Shanklin firing her grandson. (LEO pointed out that this was his 3rd arrest since being hired and 31st in a decade.)

LEO rated the former as -8 (on a scale of -10 to 10), but the latter as only a -3.
The C-J'ers gave Grover Norquist's mere appearance in a movie a "down arrow", along with Paul's joke. And they gave Shanklin an up arrow.
If the C-J editorialists keep any of their crack pipes at work, maybe the police will find one and use asset forfeiture laws to take the paper away from its owners!
Only a partisan hack or a statist could imagine a world in this way.


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