Friday, May 25, 2012

Louisville heat-related deaths to grow ten-fold in future decades

As many as 19,000 Louisville residents will die of heat-related causes by the end of the century — topping 40 large American cities, according to a new environmental report.

It's good to see Louisville #1 in something, I guess.

The report by the Natural Resources Defense Council environmental group estimates that 39 Louisville residents die per year from problems caused by the heat. That number, it says, will increase to 257 per year by roughly 2050 and 376 per year by the end of the century.! That's quite an increase. Ten-fold growth by the end of the century!

Based on computer modeling, the study assumes government leaders do nothing to stop rising temperatures that many scientists blame on greenhouse gas emissions...
--> OK, they're assuming (rapidly) rising temperatures and that govt can/will do nothing to stop it. 
--> What else are they assuming? Obama-like economic policies that stagnate or sack the economy (vs. growing incomes and improved technology to deal with heat). No changes in response to heat by Louisville's population. The Earth will still be around, despite massive global warming.


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