Thursday, January 16, 2014

the ethics of ethics-based veganism

I know there are degrees of vegan-ism and that vegans come to their beliefs/practices through a variety of ethical and practical/health angles. To the extent that one is a vegan-- and that their veganism is based on ethical arguments-- what are the implications?

I infer that (ethical) vegans would oppose hunting. Would there be exceptions-- e.g., if one species was killing another, threatening humans, over-crowding that caused starvation?

I figure that (ethical) vegans wo
uld oppose abortion, in all cases except perhaps the life of the mother. I surmise that they'd be non-interventionist in foreign policy.

More broadly, wouldn't they be libertarian (if they make little effort to think about public policy) or Libertarian (if they make the effort required to put together a coherent political philosophy? In a word, not all libertarians would be vegans (based on their beliefs about man and animals), but all vegans should be libertarian?

Finally, to what extent would they (want to) impose veganism (or variants) on others-- as a "justice" issue, believing that one party is harming another party (esp. a vulnerable) party?

Does anyone here have knowledge on this-- or other inferences?


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