Monday, February 3, 2014

on requirements to be politically liberal and (politically) smart

Trying to think of inarguable criteria to be considered politically liberal and (politically) smart. So far, here's what I have for what one must avidly oppose:

a.) FICA taxes
b.) HMID (home mortgage interest deduction) subsidy
c.) health insurance subsidy for insurance bought through an employer
d.) farm subsidies (direct and indirect)
e.) all corporate subsidies

All of these are regressive, inequitable and inefficient. All of them are large-- and thus, worthy of political passion and effort. You could be liberal and unaware of these, but then you wouldn't be (politically) smart. You could be aware of these, but not opposed to them-- but then I think you'd have to turn in your liberal badge.

For what it's worth, I can see some (rel. weak) arguments in favor of the following, so I'm not going to put these on the list (although one could easily argue they belong):

a.) substantive K-12 education reform that would promote choice for the poor
b.) substantive SS reform that would not provide the poor with such a pathetic, govt-mandated nest egg-- and pounds disadvantaged minorities even moreso

Arguments? Things missing from the lists?


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