Friday, June 13, 2014

subsidizing college further; revealing true colors

The Democrats, especially populist/socialist Elizabeth Warren, are calling for more subsidies for those who have been in college.

a.) It's not enough to subsidize students heavily while in college; the Dems want to subsidize their poor choices after college.
b.) Dems want to make college even more expensive, by subsidizing it further.

c.) Dems favor more redistribution, especially to the middle and upper-middle classes (by the standard measures of income and income inequality)
d.) Dems favor more redistribution to an interest group (i.e., crony capitalism)

e.) Dems want to help the Hillary's of the world-- those with high enough incomes, but low wealth (perceived or actual).
f.) Dems want more subsidies that encourage moral hazard problems (i.e., subsidies to get into unfortunate outcomes). This will hurt the country (by subsidizing inefficiency) and often, the individuals (since it encourages bad decisions).

g.) Dems want additional failed efforts at economic stimulus. (Ironically, these Dems are themselves college-educated, but apparently unable to recognize that government cannot create net economic activity by taking money from X to give to Y. Yes, I know the benefits are concentrated and the costs are subtle, but people with a lick of sense can see this, right?)

Make college more expensive; more redistribution to the non-poor; more crony capitalism; more subsidies for bad decisions; more failed efforts at economic stimulus. Wow; what a combo!

All of this brings up the eternal question: is this ignorance, a bizarre worldview, or pandering?

In any case, it's par-- or maybe bogey-- for the course. Thanks!


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