Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the "breakage" of various wars-- and the C-J's support for those breakages

Today, the C-J editorialists ask: "Do we still own breakage of Iraq?"

a.) Yes, we do-- as a country.

b.) Yes, you do-- if you were a proponent of our country's strategy.

c.) Yes, the C-J does-- since they were advocates.

d.) Yes, the C-J owns a lot of breakage for their brutally-flawed economic and social policies.

"Most galling is that a number of the pointers are the ones who didn’t bother to ask harder questions back [then] when the X administration got a blank check to start [this policy]. Much of the tragic mess in X bears a whiff of inevitability around it...Here’s what happened the last time we decided to take on X and its complexities, without quite understanding or appreciating what we were getting into. We underestimated everything...That’s just the money. And that’s not even counting what X did to the U.S. economy...We’ve done something [like this] before, and we need to ask ourselves if it was worth it...and whether it would be worth it again. We’ve seen this movie before. Knowing what we do, are we willing to bankroll a sequel?"

Too bad that the C-J didn't do what it could on Iraq.

Too bad that the C-J supports so many domestic wars-- against poverty, drugs, children, and so on-- without asking the same questions.


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