Thursday, July 24, 2014

crazy pay and wage inequality, corporatism, discrimination at the C-J

This story is amazing on many different levels:

-The C-J gets hoisted on its own petard of relying on lame statistical proxies and having an incoherent worldview on discrimination. (I wonder what their gender pay numbers look like? They should publish those immediately.)

-The C-J gets hoisted on its own petard on corporations and unions.

Can you believe how much their mid-level executives earn? Wow. $325K for this guy?! Wow. Looks like a terrific example of monopolies being able to over-pay their workers (at least those on the high end). And as their market has gotten more competitive, they're unable to pay inefficient compensation.

-Thus, the C-J gets hoisted on its own petard on wage inequality.


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