Monday, November 17, 2014

Truth vs. Logic

Peter Leithart (in Touchstone):

"Truthful" implies "logical", since a fully truthful person will not contradict at noon what he said over breakfast. Still, truth and logic are not the same.

Truthful men and women don't contradict themselves, but they don't simply repeat themselves either. To speak truthfully is not simply to speak timeless p's and q's. A truthful person's speech fits the circumstances. To be truthful is to be timely.

Truthfulness is judged differently than logic.  A statement is logical if it meets criterion of intellectual consistency, but the test of truth is pragmatic.  A truthful person keeps commitments.

God is "Truth", not "Logic". He speaks a word in season, and the ultimate proof of his truthfulness is his performance of his promises. The ultimate proof of divine Truth is the Cross.


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