Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Heliocentric health insurance!

Heliocentric health insurance! Why didn't I think of this phrase from John Graham?! It's another great, easy way to notice that the "market" for health insurance-- and thus, health care-- has been jacked up by the government. 

Why is health insurance an annual thing on January 1? Because it's connected to employment. The chief reason it's connected to employment? Because it's subsidized through employers-- a massive ($100B+ annually), regressive (helps those with more money a lot more) subsidy-- that does what subsidies do: encourage us to get too much of something. 

Too much insurance means far too many things covered by insurance-- and all the problems that come along with that. Imagine what car insurance would look like if it strayed from rare, catastrophic events-- to cover door dings, upholstery rips and oil changes. 


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