Friday, May 1, 2015

why do Democratic politicians prefer MW to EITC?

Why do Dem politicians continue to pant over a higher MW instead of an expanding EITC? They certainly don't mind subsidizing those in the lower-class (e.g., welfare, extended UI, etc.), so something else must be at hand. 

a.) Their amazing penchant for crony capitalism: The former helps unions; the latter harms them.
b.) Politics and the pursuit of power are more important than policy-- and the MW allows them to score cheap political points.
c.) As is common in economics and public policy, they believe in magic and hate logic and science. 
d.) OK, they'll be some job loss, but we give them food stamps, etc.
e.) A surprising lack of policy imagination / knowledge, esp. for such smart people.

E is least likely since we already have this policy on the books, big-time. I'll vote for A and B, with some combo of C and D.


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