Thursday, June 25, 2015


The SCOTUS upheld key aspects of the ACA / ObamaCare today. Not a surprising outcome.

The most favorable implications of the SCOTUS decision: 

1.) It further reduces all of the macro-level uncertainty created by the ACA and the many lousy efforts to do fiscal policy over the past eight years ("stimulus" by Bush, Obama, and Congress). As always, thanks for the lousy recovery!

2.) It takes away excuses from the Left about the limitations, failures, and costs of the ACA. We know they'll take credit for its benefits-- and that's fine-- but it'll be nice that they can't hide so easily from its costs. As usual, the pursuit of power, good intentions, and assuaging guilt trumps good policy. 

3.) It helps the GOP avoid the sadly-inevitable black eye of not having enough intellect, courage, and momentum to come up with policy fixes to the underlying problems in health care/insurance-- most of which have been caused by the govt over the past 70 years. That's reason #53 why one should distinguish "conservatives" and "libertarians" from "Republicans". 


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