Monday, August 17, 2015

Sanders and Trump

Sanders and Trump are similar but different...

Sanders is tapping into the left-wing of the party and those who are bothered enough (on principle) by the mess of a Clinton candidacy.

Trump is tapping into the subset of the Tea Party which is bothered by immigration and trade-- and others who value celebrity and a non-PC approach to things.

Neither has a chance to win their party's nomination. The Sanders candidacy underlines one aspect of the weakness of Clinton-- and along with other, more profound weaknesses-- points to the likely triumph of Biden or another "mainstream candidate". The Trump candidacy will fade-- with his support either moving to other Tea-Partyish candidates or undermining them (if this transition takes too long).

In any case, I appreciate both of them being in there, even if they're both a hot mess on policy matters.


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