Friday, September 4, 2015

a Labor Secretary who doesn't understand Labor economics (or is a demagogic tool)

An interview with Labor Secretary Thomas Perez...

What a mess! Is he clueless about Econ101 or pandering to partisans? 

-He admits that economic growth and the labor market are sub-standard, even after seven years of "recovery". Thanks to Bush, and esp. Obama and Congress for their repeated kicks in the shorts to the economy and to marginal people.  

-He doesn't mention the THOUSANDS of dollars that he and the Dems love taking away through FICA taxes from the woman trying to raise her family. Hey pal, quit taking so much money from the working poor. Or if you need to do it, please turn in your "I love the poor" button. 

-He says we need tighter labor markets, but then says he wants to increase the minimum wage. Huh? Sounds like a good test question on my first E340 exam. 

-He cites wages instead of compensation. (Thankfully, he mixes a pie metaphor into his recipe for sophistry.) 


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