Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kipling and evolutionists in Houston

Google is using an evolution narrative as its graphic design today. At first, I was tweaked, but then I realized that they do Santa and the Easter Bunny too, so they're not making any particular claims about that story of human origins.

Anywho...the last issue of World continued its exploration of "natural history" museums (in Houston this time) and their frequent use of "just-so" stories (a la Rudyard Kipling).

After providing some examples, Olasky says: "Notice that in Darwinian dogma all of these changes should be described in the passive—no one planned or activated these changes—but HMNS makes them active: Scorpions modified their gills, squids responded, bears invaded and set up evolutionary centers, somewhat like real estate model homes..."

Olasky has fun with the museum's comparison between B-17s and trilobites: "B-17s are clearly a product of intelligent design, so it’s strange that the trilobites’ optical equipment just happened. The trilobites seemed to will their way not only to eyes but eyelids."

Olasky also takes a poke at Dawkins here too, citing his story on "How Critters Got Their Ears": "Ya gotta love those words like 'natural outgrowth' and 'automatically.' Presto, change-o, nothing to it." Of course, theists have their own just-so stories on the development of life, but at least we recognize ours!


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