Friday, January 22, 2016

the Oscars and Affirmative Action

I'm a little bit lost on the Hollywood-Oscars / Affirmative-Action brouhaha...

-If most Hollywood types usually support AA, why don't they practice/demand it for the Oscars? 

-Why are the BET awards socially acceptable at any level? 

-If most Hollywood types are liberal, they couldn't possibly discriminate. So, why the worries? 

-For those who feel excluded as potential recipients/nominees for an Oscar because of race: can't they see the damage done to them and others by the sort of complaining that would lead to artificial, race-based inclusion?  

Other notable posts on AA: on abortion; on the limits of politics to help members of races you're trying to advantage through AA (and an amazing 2008 prediction by Jason Riley!); some crazy hypocrisy for the Dems in defending socially-unacceptable comments by Sen. Reid; and the "need" for AA to deal with the massive sexism problems in K-5 education...


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