Wednesday, February 17, 2016

why not elect a smooth-talking entertainer?

A lot of entertaining stuff in Obama's recent comments about Trump

People voted for Obama, largely because he was a talker-- easily his most impressive attribute. Why shouldn't people vote for an entertainer...again? "It's not promotion; it's not marketing."?! Sure it is-- and those are Obama's most impressive traits/skills!

In the current cycle, almost half of the Dems are voting for someone on the basis of gender. In 2008, many Dems voted for or against Clinton and Obama because of race and gender. Surely, they're not going to point fingers at those who vote for a straight-talking, entertainer/businessman.

Of course, this helps Trump. (But he also lumps all of the GOP together. Smart politics!) I suspect that Obama knows this and is happy to "help" the GOP in this way.


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