Monday, June 13, 2016

Kierkegaard on the obvious response to God's love letter

Soren Kierkegaard on the Bible as God’s love letter—and the obvious response to accepting God’s grace and embracing His words to us:

“My listener, how highly do you value God’s Word?  Imagine a lover who has received a letter from his beloved. I assume that God's Word is just as precious to you as this letter is to a lover. I assume that you read and think you ought to read God’s Word in the same way the lover reads this letter…Let us assume that this letter contained not only an expression of affection, but also a wish, something the beloved wanted her lover to do. It was, let us assume, much that was required of him—so much so that any third party would have good reason to think twice about it. But the lover, ah, he is off at once to fulfill his beloved’s wish…If there are obscure passages but also clearly expressed wishes, he would say, ‘I must immediately comply with the wish—then I will see about the obscure parts’.”

And then this on “studying” the Bible: “Being alone with God's Word is a dangerous matter. Of course you can always find ways to defend yourself against it. Take the Bible, lock your door - but then get out ten dictionaries and twenty-five commentaries. Then you can read it just as calmly and coolly as you read newspaper advertising.”


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