Monday, September 19, 2016

the 47%, the 25%, the 99%

This article gets to one of the most important ironies of this year's presidential race.

Dems are famous for their supposed concern for the working poor, disadvantaged minorities, and the middle class. But if you look at their policy sins of omission and commission, their "champion" status in this realm is somewhere between untenable and laughable.

A sizable chunk of Trump voters (mostly, the non-deplorable kind, I guess-- but you'd better double-check that with Hillary) come from those who have been overlooked politically, are being left behind by economic and cultural changes, have had their education and family structure undermined by Democrat policy stances, and are (ironically) our country's most "independent" voters (they cross political lines). In one sense, they're Romney's 47%; they're Hillary's 25%; and they're a key subset within the 99% who are not the 1%.

Unfortunately, the answers to their problems are, largely, not political-- at least in a way that's a feasible place for hope. The Dems don't really care and support destructive policies, often to support crony capitalism. Trump's policies won't do much either-- even if we could believe what he's saying. Beyond Trump, the GOP lacks the passion and intellect to fight (let alone, win) the necessary battles.


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