Wednesday, October 19, 2016

poop on you

In the same vein, the Trump campaign would be the Dave Matthews Band in 2004 Chicago. (Or maybe it's Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation? Or this from Monty Python with mud subbing in for feces.)

I'm not sure which is better; let's take a vote. Which do you like?
a.) the metaphor itself
b.) the photo of the "forward together" bus addition to the metaphor
c.) the connection to the prophetic Ezekiel 4:12-15
d.) the policy application (I love the environment, but...) with policy analogies (I love African-Americans, but I have a busload of policies for them. I love the working-poor and middle-class, but... I love peace, but...)
e.) all of the above

My favorite part is the guy saying "That's wrong. I don't care who you are". That, sir, is where you're wrong. If Hillary does it, then some of us look the other way, make excuses, plead the 5th, hold our noses (but please pretend not to hold it), and self-righteously vote like a Yellow Dog.
The day before this, I commented on Sam's FB page that "the DNC can recover from its smoldering dung heap (and what it reveals) more easily than the RNC can recover from its dumpster fire (and what it reveals)." After the fact, this turned out to be a nice prophetic reference to dung heaps, huh? ;-) LOL!


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