Tuesday, November 15, 2016

a common temptation and sin-- for 1/4 of us pre-Nov 8th and another 1/4th after Nov 8th

I Timothy 2:1-3 is a helpful barometer of the Christian faith as it applies to the realm of politics. 

If you aren't obeying these verses out of ignorance, consider yourself knowledgeable now and get to it! 

If you aren't doing it-- or even, can't do it-- it's just like any other willful sin. You'd better check your salvation claims-- and make sure that you've actually embraced God's grace. Then, repent from something that is as bad as being addicted to porn or clubbing baby seals.

With the impending change in presidential regimes, many folks are being tempted now-- in ways that others have been tempted for eight years. Just because you've only been tempted (again) in recent days doesn't mean that you've been righteous for the past eight years; you'll get a better idea of your righteousness in the weeks and months to come. Just because you're not tempted now does not mean that your heart is right either. Remember your struggles to obey this passage over the last eight years.

Today's charge: Check your heart; get right with God; disciple with Jesus; and get more comfortable in the goodness of God's Kingdom by obeying I Tim 2:1-3.

After you've done that, feel free to (lovingly) address character flaws and jacked-up policy proposals! ;-)


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