Tuesday, November 22, 2016

good/bad news (post-election) for the Dems

The occasion for this post is a related article by Michael Barone...

Good news for Dems:
-They would have easily won the Presidency and had some (sizable) coattails if they had chosen (not rigged?) any other candidate.
-The GOP is unimpressive and fractured.
-It's about time for another natural recession that they can blame on the GOP.
-Trump may be a really bad president in terms of economics (causing economic trouble) or civility.

Bad news:
-They have a penchant for making excuses rather than making adjustments. (As with many temptations, it feels good in the short-run, but hurts you in the long-run.)
-They're more into politics and power than policy. Or from another angle: They've mostly run out of ideas and we've mostly run out of money to spend as taxpayers
-African-Americans are increasingly likely to move away from them on economic policy and the embrace of modern science is catching up to them on abortion.
-They're not having as many kiddos.


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