Monday, November 21, 2016

Moore on the Religious Right, the 2016 election, and where to go from here...

First Things recently hosted Russell Moore on "Can the Religious Right Be Saved?". The title is a nice pun on "saved" and a useful depiction (in general terms) of political temptations (over time) for those on "the right" within the Church and its periphery.

I'm especially interested in Russell Moore's opening (4:15-11:15) on being a product-- and a survivor-- of his Southern, Religious-Right background. Good stuff, particularly if you've been burned by some common (but far-from-universal) aspects of the RR-- political idolatry, social or moral hypocrisy, and end-times hockery. For people with baggage in this area, his testimony may bring perspective and relief.

From there (until 1:03:00), he discusses the problem of the Trump candidacy (presidency?) for Christian public supporters-- not necessarily that he was supported but the manner in which he was supported and some of the arguments that were used in that support. And beyond that, what so much avid support tells us by revealing profound flaws in our efforts at promoting discipleship with Jesus. And beyond that, where do we go from here?

Q&A starts after that, including the need to empathize within politics and a reference to Haidt's Righteous Mind as must-reading!


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