Thursday, December 1, 2016

Democrats cause a lot more trouble with science

This article by John Tierney seems awesome! (And here's an audio version / interview.) What is it missing?

The GOP's trouble with "science" in some arenas is well-documented. The Dems' (far-larger?) trouble is less discussed-- out of ignorance or bias.

Tierney talks about this-- but really focuses on the larger questions: Where does this come from and what's the *actual* impact of those views on the world? And the fact of the matter is that Dem trouble with science causes *much, much* more trouble for science and the world. 

Tierney also makes reference to Haidt, a little bit after I saw a connection. Haidt is must-reading on this topic. But of course, the ironic problem is that the very people who should read it are least likely since they suffer from confirmation bias and various forms of fundamentalism.  


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