Wednesday, December 7, 2016

on the limits and problems of identity politics (in the NY Times)

A lot of good stuff from Mark Lilla, a humanities professor, in the NYT, including...

-how well we do at these things, relative to the rest of the world (probably as a function of Christian influence and relatively open immigration over the years)
-if you go with identity politics and neglect to mention some identities, they're necessarily going to *feel* "left" out (and feelings matter, right, esp. on the Left?)
-young people being taught and then imagining that individual identity and identity politics are (much) more important than they are
-the impact of America's distorted media (of all political persuasions) on American's perceptions
-and a call for a post-identity liberalism that restores a passion for the good things that liberalism can bring to the table


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