Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"quiet time" and reading the Bible in community/accountability

A good blog post from my buddy Kent Evans at Manhood Journey-- and I have a suggestion to follow-up on Kent's comments about an individual's "quiet time".

"We" often tell/encourage people to read their Bible, but particularly when addressing people from traditions that don't emphasize Bible reading/study and in an increasingly post-Christian society, many people won't understand how to do this and/or have the discipline in place to do it...well.

Better-- for many reasons-- to (also) encourage people to read the Bible in the accountability and beauty of community. A small group of 2-12 could commit to reading Matthew (say, a chapter per day over four weeks or four chapters per week over seven weeks), to "journal" over it (or some non-Christianese word), and to gather weekly to discuss what God has shown each of them.

A practice and discipline to consider for the New Year?


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