Tuesday, January 10, 2017

undue faith in climate models and dogmatism vs. science within universities and in research

On this article in Reason about Judith Curry's "resignation"...
I don't know much about "climate". (I have a light understanding of the literature and a *thorough* understanding of the many, probably-prohibitively-difficult conditions required for govt to make a positive difference on the issue. The glossing-over of the latter is what you get from people who don't respect Science and probably have an ideological axe to grind. #FauxScience #FauxTolerance)

But I do understand modeling and the difficulties of empirical modeling *well*-- and then, beyond that, extending it to forecasting-- especially something as complex as climate or human behavior. I was reminded of this as I started to teach Econometrics last night. As such, it's really difficult for me to have faith in the models and modelers in climate science. #OhYeOfMuchFaith


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