Wednesday, May 3, 2017

admiring liars, warmongers, and blame-evaders

Some video of Hillary at a confab-- where she "takes absolute personal responsibility" and then proceeds to blame a bunch of other people.

a.) This is the sort of lying that some people prefer (and even admire) over Trump's version. #SadOrFunny #DependsOnWhatYouMeanByIs

b.) Is she unable or unwilling to look in the mirror? #Genesis3 #BasketOfDeplorables #DidntCampaignInWisconsin She was a warmonger liar who ran a poor campaign-- the only Dem they could have chosen who could lose to Trump. #Thanks

c.) Check out #SheBringsPeace on the screen behind her! And yet, she claimed to be more of a warmonger than Trump or Obama (#HeBringsPeace #NobelPeaceJoke). #WhereDidTheLiberalsGo


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