Wednesday, May 10, 2017

celebrating welfare reform and hoping for the next big reform...

Welfare reform happened because most Dems AND GOP'ers didn't like welfare-- albeit for different reasons. (Tax reform in the 1980s was similar, when a Dem Congress and Reagan teamed up to improve an absurd tax system, with its "bracket creep" and top MTR of 70%.)

But generally, it's really difficult to eliminate or significantly change redistributive efforts (whether to the poor-- or MORE often, to the non-poor). Why? Because the costs are diffuse and subtle and the benefits are concentrated.

Biggest areas for potential reform, going forward?
-K-12, if Dems will focus on the poor and minorities instead of a special interest group of upper/middle-class folks
-SS, if Dems will quit demagoguing the issue and defending a horribly damaging policy, esp. for the working poor and middle class
-(Of course, it'd be helpful if the GOP had the wisdom, courage and compassion to fight for these policies too...Good luck there!)
-Tax reform, if the GOP and Dems will put aside cronyism and regressive loopholes-- to focus on a really simple income tax code.

Health care? LOL. No, we don't have the political courage or understanding to deal with that issue. Sorry. ;-)


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