Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Left and Right"? ehh...

A good article from RR Reno in FT, but I don't think the title is correct.

The Left and Right have been gone (or greatly reduced) for quite a while. (E.g., note big govt GOP spenders like Bush; warmonger Dems like Obama; and then, Clinton and Trump...LOL-- none of whom can be considered Left or Right in any meaningful sense.)

I'm not even sure that the two groups were that impressive back in the day. But the fall of the USSR and the refutation of (hard-core) Socialism allowed the middle to be muddied considerably. Now, you mostly have politicians who strive for power from one angle or another. Each side has a handful of folks with good policy ideas-- but without the courage and/or the backing to do anything with them.

And you have a lot of partisans (enablers or this is what they really want) who've chosen a political team they like on an issue or two-- or one approach to rhetoric or another. They're happy with watching TV news, taking potshots on social media, imagining that anecdotes are data, and imagining that univariate analysis is impressive and helpful.

What to do? Love and serve others; invest modestly in politics; avoid idolatry; and impact in those around you with wisdom and courage.


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