Friday, May 19, 2017

on "decent" and "thinking"

A quote in the 1st P of this article triggered a few thoughts for me: Justin Trudeau said something should be "obvious to any decent, thinking person".

In econ, we talk about motives and knowledge in economic and political markets. Are economic agents "decent" and "thinking"-- and if not, how do markets shape choices? Are political agents "decent" and "thinking"-- and if not, how do incentives in political markets work to shape choices? Our faith in economic and political markets are informed by our answers. (See also: science.)

In theology, we make assumptions about the character and ability of God. Is God "decent"-- or to be less wishy-washy, is He all-loving? Or is it just 93% of the time? If he's messing with me 7% of the time, then I should figure out that 7% and go my own way. Is he "thinking"-- or to be more precise, is He omniscient? If He's a moron 4% of the time, then again, I should try to improve on His ignorance and go my own way. Our faith in God is largely determined by our answers.


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