Friday, June 2, 2017

current politics and contempt vs. anger

If your response is "contempt"-- whether to Obama, Clinton, or Trump-- then you're definitely "part of the problem". Ironically, your sins in this realm clearly exceed those of OCT supporters and at least rival those of OCT.

If your response is "anger", you may be part of the problem. There is a place for anger, but "in your anger, do not sin" (Eph 4:26). As Garret Keizer once quipped, "I cannot commit to a Savior who doesn't overturn some tables." But think about the tables He overturned: those inside the Temple. Most people spend their time attacking the tables of "their enemies" rather than doing the difficult and courageous work of dealing with the sins in-house and in-heart. If you're a partisan of a major political party, how about you spend more time cleaning house than chucking rocks?


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