Friday, June 2, 2017

on the temptation to keep campaigning

I agree with Michael Barone's title and thesis in this article. But...

-Trump's predecessor campaigned more than governed for eight years, so an unfortunate pattern has been established.

-When you've just lost a contentious election-- and you're powerful (e.g., media, academics, and other upper-class elites)-- then a likely move is to start the campaign again ASAP. (The last admin's "Birthers" weren't powerful enough to campaign-- only complain.)

-When you have few policy ideas-- and the few you have are woefully incomplete (e.g., Dems on "climate change" and GOP'ers on health care)-- then all you have is campaigning, in your grasping for power.

-Trump's weaknesses and annoying qualities make it far too tempting to continue all of the above.


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