Tuesday, January 30, 2018

advice for some in the political arena

A few nuggets from Thomas' op-ed...

-For those who claim to be a Christian: if you were/are critiquing Obama/Reid/Pelosi or Trump/McConnell/Ryan without praying for them (I Tim 2:1-3), then repent and kindly shut up until you quit sinning in that area.

-If you have/had very different standards on Donald's exploits and Bill's exploitations (or Hillary's enabling), please cut it out-- for us and for you: you look like a tool.

-If you're defending or condoning any of the three on these grounds, quit telling us you're a conservative or a liberal. You've forfeited your card. If you want your card back: repent; value principle over politics, partisanship and power; and quit working so hard to enable sin and yahoos.


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