Thursday, February 8, 2018

nuggets from Turek

A lot of great reminders and new nuggets from Frank Turek last night at IUS. (You can catch him at U of L tonight.)

-Despite conventional wisdom, Mt 7 is about how to judge, not a (nonsensical) prohibition on judging. See also: Jn 7:24. 
-He likes to ask atheists: "If Christianity is true, would you believe it?" And they often reply no!
-The blurb on Big Bang is funny/revealing. 
-His argument that the existence of "evil" points to the existence of God. Evil only exists in light of the good, which points to the creator of the good. And injustice implies justice-- and a standard beyond us. (Turek allowed that the question of allowing evil is important but a separate topic. I develop both of these points in a separate post.)
-The emphasis on "embarrassing stories" in the NT which greatly enhance its credibility. He mentioned Peter being called Satan and fearful men vs. courageous women as witnesses at the tomb.


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