Thursday, February 1, 2018

on the timing of the FISA-abuse memo

It's easy to imagine nefarious motives or politically-motivated concerns from both major political parties with the release of the FISA-abuse memo-- especially on the part of those who want to hide it. And it's easy to imagine honorable and nefarious motives within the FBI as they express their deep concerns.

I don't follow this stuff closely: Is the timing of the release strange, given Gowdy's announcement not to run again? (Is he connected at all?)

Politically, I think I would have waited until next week, to take fuller advantage of the post-SOTU address glow-- a yuuge victory handed to Trump by the Democrats, given their strategy of hyperbole and apocalypse. 

One more (cool, provocative) thought: Liberals couldn't support Clinton or Trump in 2016. If the FISA-abuse memo turns out to be what's claimed, then liberals would have a profound reason to be happy that Trump ended up winning. 


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