Thursday, February 1, 2018

theory and data on K-12-- and Waiting for Superman

Theory and data tell us that entities with tremendous monopoly power are likely to be far less effective for society. Theory and data tell us to be concerned about govt-run entities. Data on K-12 performance are quite unimpressive. (But there are confounding factors-- most notably, the massive problems with family structure and stability-- as greatly subsidized by govt for the past 50 years.)

With all of that, here's what I find most under-rated and compelling: if you're in the second tier of any public high school, your classes reduce to baby-sitting. No homework, low expectations. The result: those kids, if they go to college, still need remedial math (Algebra I in many cases) and English.

Waiting for Superman is terrific on this entire topic. And my last point is covered in the movie's last vignette. If you haven't seen it yet, do it soon!


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