Thursday, April 5, 2018

don't insist on having the govt be your only possible employer (to the detriment of students and taxpayers) and then complain about the results

It seemed like a stretch for Dr. Jones to appropriate Dr. King's work in this essay-- except the Memphis problem was about the government mistreating its employees. Thoughts on what Jones writes here
-If K-12 teachers are underpaid, it's because they're dealing with a monpsonist that they have insistently constructed and defended, by fighting school reform (e.g., vouchers, charters) through their unions. If you are (and don't want to be) underpaid, don't set things up where the govt is your only significant employer. #WhoWillBuildTheRoads
-We pay college coaches so extravagantly (in men's b'ball and football) because of the monopsony established by the NCAA labor market cartel, supported by the government. #Exploit
-He notes that K-12 teachers aren't eligible to receive Social Security-- as if that's some sort of curse. What a great blessing! They aren't required to pay into an expensive system that yields a 0% rate-of-return!
-Does he have something useful to add on pension reform-- dealing with the tension of accepting an incoherent compensation package? Here, he just complains about the problem. 
-He is in favor of continuing the massive regressive subsidies to higher-ed. OK, but I think that disqualifies you from being considered a "liberal". 
-He complains about the prospects of tenured profs getting fired for budgetary woes. This is a legitimate point, but it's always been a last-resort for universities (unless KY has unreasonably been different in this regard; UPDATE from Chris Lang: they can fire folks with ten days' notice independent of budget woes or program dissolution).


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