Saturday, August 18, 2018

Chelsea on abortion: anti-science and then bad on econ or eugenics

Wow. Think about the assumptions that go into Chelsea's claim: either really bad economics or really nasty eugenics (ignoring her anti-science or a-scientific take on abortion)!

If people are "productive members of society", they're good for an economy and add value, by definition.

If not, they're bad for an economy. But there's more to life than economic value. Beyond that, how does she know that the aborted ones are usually the "bad" ones? (And she's an advocate for many of the policies that increase the number of bad ones-- welfare, K-12, drug war, etc.!)

Back in the day, we always thought Bill was the biggest creep in the family. But Hillary passed him up a long time ago by a large margin-- and Chelsea has probably passed him up too. Ouch.


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